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Australian Government - GST Distribution Review


Interim Reports – March and June 2012

The review has called for public submissions on its two interim reports by 27 July 2012.  Submissions will generally be treated as public documents and published to this website as they are received, unless the author has asked that their submission be treated as confidential.

Australian Capital Territory Government - Cover Letter 56KB  
Australian Capital Territory Government - Submission 491KB 611KB
Brohier, Peter - Submission 130KB 41KB
Brohier, Peter - Attachment 1.0MB  
Buckley, Brian 9KB 34KB
Business Council of Australia 177KB 989KB
Chamber of Minerals & Energy of Western Australia 1.2MB 190KB
Commonwealth Grants Commission 294KB 4.09MB
Emery, Peter 334KB 152KB
Emery, Peter - Supplementary Submission 1 205KB 58KB
Emery, Peter - Supplementary Submission 2 240KB 125KB
Evans, Michael 393KB 370KB
FAQ Consulting 204KB 68KB
Feng, Lintong 126KB 172KB
Garnaut, Ross 256KB 870KB
Government of Norfolk Island - Submission 466KB 323KB
Government of Norfolk Island - Attachment 453KB 1.3MB
Hill, John 216KB 82KB
New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia – Cover letter 458KB  
New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia – Submission 186KB  
National Retail Association - Cover Letter 463KB 10.6MB
National Retail Association - Submission 5.9MB  
New South Wales Government 525KB 3.27MB
Northern Territory Government 2.8MB 1.9MB
Pincus, Jonathan 89KB 187KB
Queensland Government - Cover Letter 707KB  
Queensland Government - Submission 788KB  
South Australian Government 169KB  
Tasmanian Government - Cover Letter 986KB  
Tasmanian Government - Submission 250KB 431KB
Victorian Government (revised submission) 1.3MB -
Western Australian Government – Cover Letter 42KB 4.7MB
Western Australian Government – Submission 300KB  
Western Australian Government – Further correspondence 370KB -

Other submissions to the Review