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Australian Government - GST Distribution Review


Issues Paper - July 2011

The review has called for public submissions. Submissions will generally be treated as public documents and published to this website as they are received, unless the author has asked that their submission be treated as confidential.

Australian Capital Territory Government 459KB 414KB
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies 658KB -
Business Council of Australia 172KB -
Business SA 547KB 7.27MB
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WA 1.81MB -
Commonwealth Grants Commission 199KB 347KB
Crook, Tony 2.47MB -
Emery, Peter 296KB 754KB
Ergas, Henry and Pincus, Jonathan 253KB 228KB
Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia 555KB -
Institute of Public Affairs 461KB -
Jonathan Pincus & Henry Ergas 89KB 37KB
New South Wales Government 421KB -
New South Wales Business Chamber 331KB 477KB
Northern Territory Government 1.0MB 441KB
Pincus, Jonathan 192KB 28KB
Queensland Government - Cover Letter 424KB 159KB
Queensland Government - Submission 442KB 565KB
Queensland Treasury Corporation 89KB 538KB
Ripper, Eric 486KB -
South Australian Government 104KB 429KB
South Australian Government - Supplementary 3.33MB 3.98MB
South Australian Government response to J.Pincus & H.Ergas 829KB -
Tasmanian Government 984KB 932KB
The Treasury 619KB 979KB
Victorian Government 1.2MB -
Western Australian Government 509KB -
Western Australian Government - Treasury 514KB -